Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

§1. General
These general terms and conditions apply to all business relationships between EXULT and its customers. First of all we check if we are able to accomplish the order. Only then we will accept your order partly or entirely. Normally, this is done by delivering the goods. An order confirmation will be send to your e-mail address. The sales agreement between us is concluded by sending a confirmation or delivering the available goods.

Contractual partner for all orders is:

Zilverenberg 36
5234 GM
The Netherlands

E-Mail-Address: klantenservice <@> exult.tv

§2. Price
All offers in our online shop are non-binding. All displayed prices on our website include value added tax. When ordering from outside the European Union the customer is responsible for special domestic tax- or custom charges. The price displayed in the shop at the time of the customer’s order is always valid and binding. In the event of price fluctuations after the placement of customer’s order – including during the pre-order phase of a new product – we cannot reimburse customers for any price reductions.

§3. Deliveries
We usually pack your order within 1-3 days upon entry of it .Please note that if the product is not yet released we will ship on the release date the earliest. On top of that, it will take another couple of days to deliver the goods to your address, depending on country of delivery and custom regulations. Nevertheless it should not take more than 3-10 days for the postal service to deliver the package. The postal service will deliver it to the delivery address, if the attempt of delivery fails, your package will be taken to a near-by post office waiting there for approximately a week to be picked up. Special information for US customers: Please keep in mind that due to oversea shipment and special US custom regulations it can take up to 14 days until the goods arrive. It is absolutely necessary to provide us with your telephone number or a valid e-mail address, so that we may contact you if there are problems with your order. Despite careful stocking it may happen that an article is sold out faster than expected, especially on bargain offers or limited editions. Therefore we do not give any guarantee of delivery. We are authorized to partial deliveries without previous agreement.

§4. Shipping and Handling
All prices are in Euro and include value added tax. The freight costs DO NOT INCLUDE import taxes or customs!

All orders will be delivered by POST.NL. Transport damages will only be accepted by the deliverer when certified on delivery note.

€ 3,95
until 2,0 kg = EUR 3,99 (app. 10 - 18 CDs)

€ 9,95

€ 14,95

§5. Terms of Payment
If you decided to pay via PayPal or credit card, you are requested to pay right after submitting your order in our online shop.

§6. Reservation of Proprietary Rights
The property of the goods will remain with EXULT until all accounts have been completely paid.

§7. Warranties
EXULT is liable for the perfect technical and material conditions of the delivered goods. You can object delivered goods due to warrantable defects within the legally defined regulations. EXULT is not liable for the suitability of the goods for a special intended use by the customer. We recommend inspecting delivered goods for defectiveness right after receipt.

§8. Privacy Policy
We solely save your personal data with the objective of being able to execute your order. Particularly, none of your personal data, apart from absolute necessary information for the distribution of you order, will be given to third persons. By request of a customer we will provide information about all personal data saved about her or him. At any time a customer can apply for modification or deletion of his personal data. Therefore please contact EXULT.

§9. Registration
Ordering from EXULT is very comfortable. We offer you a free registration and save your personal data in a password protected sales account, in order to avoid that you have to enter your name and address for your next order again. A sales account at EXULT simplifies the order transaction and affords:

1. Articles are being saved in a shopping cart, thus you don�t have to re-enter your personal data when you come back.
2. You can change or delete your personal data at any time.
3. Registration is free and without any obligation.

At any time you can review or delete your personal data. This can be done after logging into your personal account. Please keep in mind that after deletion, your data will be completely deleted from our database and you have to register again in case of a new order.

§10. Cookies
Cookies are small pieces of data stored at your hard drive. Our cookies do not include personal data and solely conduce to navigation and recognition. Naturally, you can use our online shop as well without having your browser enabled to store cookies.

§11. E-Mail Newsletter
We offer you to subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter. After registration you receive an e-mail. To conclude your registration you have to click on the activation-link in this e-mail. Afterwards you will regularly receive information about new releases and specials. By clicking on the �Submit�-button you allow EXULT and its subsidiaries to use your mail-address for marketing purposes. This includes e. g. the consignment of e-mails with general information or advertises. Your mail-address will be saved permanently and in no case given to third parties.

If you do not want to receive our newsletter any longer you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. Every mailing contains a link to easily unsubscribe. All data saved during the registration will be deleted.

§12. Severability
Should any part of this agreement be invalid for any reason, it is to be replaced with a corresponding text, which is valid and equivalent to the intended meaning. The rest of the agreement shall remain unaffected and valid. The same shall apply if the provisions of the contract are found to be incomplete.


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